We are delighted to be exhibiting once again with our sister company, Denny Brothers Ltd, at the first of this year’s Packaging Innovations being held at Birmingham NEC on Wednesday the 26th and Thursday the 27th of February.

You may or may not know that there are two parts to our company.  Willowbridge labels and Ditac Healthcare labelling.  Up to now we have always exhibited as one or the other, but this year we have decided to represent both companies on our stand.

Willowbridge labels produces a huge range of different styles and variations of labels across several sectors.  Ditac’s Healthcare labels is a little more niche and obviously specialises in labels and associated products for the different sectors within the Healthcare Market.

However, lately we have been finding more of a crossover between the two divisions, for example, a product that we usually produce under Ditac for a pharmaceutical company has proved to be the ideal solution for a Willowbridge client and vice versa.  It therefore seemed to be a natural progression to attend this prestigious packaging event with both brands.

If you are not already registered to attend, click on this link to book yourself a ticket: https://registration.n200.com/survey/3tt3nkf94kc6c

We hope to see you there!