Willowbridge Labels has recently acquired a new digital die cutting tool.

Creating cutting dies used to be a time consuming and expensive process, which made creating a bespoke cutting shape for a short-run printing project potentially quite expensive if viewed on a cost-per-unit basis. A metal die would have been made, either by hand or on a computer and that die is then used to cut shapes in materials – in our case, usually roll labels or sheets of labels. This usually isn’t a problem if you want 10,000 units, but could be problematic if you only want 10 units.

In order to counter these considerations, many short-run jobs can now be managed highly successfully, in-house, using modern digital die cutting methods. This, as it’s name suggests, is an entirely digital process, and works much like a digital printer; you design the cutting tool on a computer screen and then send that information to the cutter.

Unlike many digital die cutters that are aimed at hobbyists or very small craft businesses, our digital die cutter is a professional quality machine designed to provide exceptional performance over a long time.

If you have either a complex or short run labelling requirement, why not contact us today and discuss how we can help?

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