BS5609 Compliant | IMDG Certified

Waterproof labels and stickers from Willowbridge Labels are superior quality labels, designed from the outset to perform very well in any wet conditions. This means they will not deteriorate or fall off.

They are BS5609 standard compliant waterproof labels, and are typically used for labelling hazardous chemicals, barcodes, anything requiring International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) certification; and are designed to remain in place and readable after 3 months (continuous!) immersion in sea water.

They are ideal for any application that requires clear labelling in wet and/or marine conditions, such as scuba diving, marine test equipment, boats, surf equipment, off-shore equipment, swimming pools, spas & jacuzzi’s, industrial dishwashing, vehicle labels, car-wash labels, showers, wet rooms, construction equipment, laboratory equipment and many more.

If you have a project that’s appropriate for stickers and you think we might be able to come up with the solution you are looking for, then please contact us.

Our roll labels are suitable for a range of surface applications, including porous, non porous, ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
Our labels are tough enough to stand up to the worst punishment caused by exposure to heat, fuels such as petrol & diesel and even toxic liquids such as slurry.
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