Multiple Fold Depths | Perforation Options

Fanfold labels were our original entry into the label world, when the business started life overprinting sprocket fed computer labels.

This format of label was widely used for dot matrix printers but can also be used without sprockets (non sprocket fed) in industrial thermal printers.

Non-Sprocket fed label production actually reduces the need for cores and also allows us to pack more labels per box. A major benefit of this method of production is that it eliminates some of the packaging materials, saves cost, reduces transportation weight and significantly reduces waste.

We can offer fanfold labels at a number of different fold depths. This largely depends on machine tooling, but is usually from 6 inches deep up to 12 inches deep, according to label size and with the option of perforations between labels as well.

If you have a project that’s appropriate for fanfold labels and you think we might be able to come up with the solution you are looking for, then please contact us.

Our roll labels are suitable for a range of surface applications, including porous, non porous, ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
Our labels are tough enough to stand up to the worst punishment caused by exposure to heat, fuels such as petrol & diesel and even toxic liquids such as slurry.
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