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Willowbridge Labels has built a strong trade reputation for producing bespoke labels and specialist products. We currently supply tags and printed foil laminate for teabags, a variety of ticket products and we have recently commissioned a modification to one of our presses to produce wet peel labels.

Wet peel labels are a two layer label which gives the customer three pages of information rather than just a single page. This arrangement offers our customers the scope to fit a lot more information on a small label than was previously possible!

For added branding or information content potential, we can also offer single colour print on the adhesive side of our bespoke labels. This is in addition to also printing on the front face of the label as well as the label backing paper itself! Ask for more details or to see some examples.

Additionally, we can now offer custom labels which we can apply via “piggyback” to other stationery products with an automated tabbing machine.

Peel and reveal labels are favoured by customers of ours with a lot to say but only a small space to say it! Typical examples of where these two or multiple layer labels are used would be the pharmaceutical and medical industries, the cosmetic label sector, specialist food and drinks labelling applications or indeed any heavily regulated sector requiring clear labelling for compliance purposes.

If you have a project that’s a bit different and you think we might be able to come up with the solution you are looking for, then please contact us.

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