Standard Shapes or Die-Cut

Typical applications include matt, gloss or waterproof labels for food, drinks, packaging, bottles, pallets, car-park tickets, airline/airports, baggage handling, security, tracking, point of sale, barcode displays and sales coupons.. name but a few!



BS5609 Compliant

Willowbridge waterproof labels are typically used for labelling hazardous chemicals, barcodes, anything requiring International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) certification. They are designed to remain in place and readable after 3 months (continuous!) immersion in sea water.



Permanent or Removable

Now one of the most popular label formats requested by customers across many industries.We supply roll labels for many different uses from plain labels that our customers print on their own desktop thermal printers to full colour labels machine applied for point of sale items.


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Willowbridge Labels offer a wide variety of label types, from roll, sheet and fanfold, through to specialist bespoke designed, multi-piece labels. Our products are used for industrial, commercial, cosmetic or food and beverage applications across the globe.

We are not simply a printing broker with no real technical expertise – we have our own printing technicians, our own printing equipment and our own warehousing right here, on site, in Suffolk. Drawing on nearly 30 years experience enables us to deliver the highest quality with the greatest value.

We’re flexible, accommodating and reliable. Each order is treated individually with the same level of care, however large or small.

If you can’t store your labels on site or you need a reserve stock to call on, no problem!

We can manage your stock levels; handle bulk storage and delivery, and ensure you’ve always got sufficient stock available at short notice.

So if this is the kind of service you’re looking for, take some time to browse through our website and see what we have to offer. If you can’t see what you’re looking for here or you want something “a bit different” give us a call to discuss what you need and we’ll do our utmost to help you.

Bespoke Labels

No matter how complex, our experience
will help you develop your exact label

Digital Printing

We can provide software to help give you
total control over your labelling

Digital Labels

Quick Turnaround
No plate changes

Fast Delivery

UK Same day or next day
delivery options available

“We can apply bespoke bar-coding, consecutive or non-consecutive numbering codes
or other customer supplied data to your wholesale labels… talk to us to find out more!”


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